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Mission Statement

Harvest Time Foods Inc, as a family-owned Christian business is committed to the following:

  • Producing for its customers the highest quality products that would not only be delicious, but time saving, economical and as healthy as possible
  • Structuring a manufacturing facility that would be an asset to the community
  • Providing a workplace that is safe and environmentally friendly
  • Providing jobs thus bringing more income into the local economy
  • Purchasing materials and ingredients grown or manufactured in North Carolina if possible or at least within our USA
  • Donating back to our local community and supporting other needful enterprises.

We commit to steer this business with integrity having respect for our employees, vendors and customers, and human beings in general both inside and outside our company. Realizing manufacturing creates waste; we will strive to minimize our negative impact on the environment. Through our business practices we will endeavor to be an outstanding example of how a business should operate in the marketplace and we expect to see our products in stores across the USA as customers realize the value and convenience of our products.

How Harvest Time Foods “Goes Green”